Popcorn Time Apk Download For Android – Latest Version 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Popcorn Time APK

Do you want a platform that provides the free streaming feature for live television, shows, and movies? Are you tired of paying subscriptions to the online platforms that claim huge amounts of money every year? Then, Popcorn Time APK is the name that gives you the perfect solution to get entertained without any money.

Streaming and downloading, both you will get from the Popcorn Time APK. A huge movie and shoe collection you can get in your finger touch without any obstacle.

The oldest and safest platform Popcorn Time is available in Android, iOS, and Windows. So, don’t worry any device is perfect for getting entertained with Popcorn Time.

What Is Popcorn Time APK?

Let’s learn some important features that define Popcorn Time APK. If you are searching for the best TV and movie streaming platform then, the Popcorn Time APK will be at the top of the list. You can watch live TV and shows without any interruption. You can also watch and download movies from this platform without any hassle.

The most effective factor of this APK is you will watch the content as a torrent file. And you will be aware that how easy to download a torrent file from any other platform!

You will get the absolute safest movie file in here. You may notice that the torrent files of movies are the safest. However, Popcorn Time APK is using torrent files for giving the safest downloading experience.

Why To Download Popcorn Time APK?

The Popcorn Time will never ask for any prior registration. You don’t need to have any subscription for that. You need to just install the app from third-party sites and download the app. After download, a minor registration is required for connecting you with their database. That’s it. then, you can enjoy Popcorn Time APK.

With factors like very user-friendly, easy interface, safe and smart, the APK is a mind-blowing collection for any visual content. With old and new movies, with dominant other language movies, Popcorn Time is the best among all streaming apps.

All the latest and famous movies you will get into it. Every movie is in HD format. Either the movies are in 720p or 1080p. Not another streaming platform, you will feel no buffering at all when you enjoying the show. Same quality on TV shows.

Key Features Of Popcorn Time

  • Top-Class Search Engine:

The search engine is top-notch. You need to connect with a strong internet service to enjoy live streaming.

  • Unlimited Collections:

Huge collections of different genres of movies, TV shows, and live TV channels.

  • Well Organized

Perfectly categorized all shows to find easily. Users don’t need to find another source to choose a genre.

  • Subtitles:

With accessible subtitles of almost every popular language. It also comes with a brief description of every movie and show.

  • High-resolution

You will get high-resolution video quality for every show. Also, you can download the shows in 720p and 1080p.

  • Editing Capability

If you see any error in the subtitle then you can make that correct. You can change the online sources of subtitles.

  • Drag subtitles:

Besides that, if you want to use the subtitle on your PC then you can drag that with your streaming.

  • Daily Updates:

Everyday you will get an update with the new collection of shows and movies.

  • Free Movies:

All the latest movies and shows you will get free.

  • User-Friendly App

No problem with handling the environment for the user-friendly environment. A smart and stylish interface makes you feel at ease with streaming. It’s also smooth and almost buffering-free.

  • Time savings

Users do not have to wait for downloads since Popcorn Time will play your favorite series and movies for you.

  • Amazing Interface

The Popcorn Time app closely resembles the Windows version. The software downloads the .torrent file for the episode or movie you wish to view and streams it to your device. As a result, having a WiFi connection when using the program is a great idea. Because the video file may wind up being kept on your device, it is recommended to clear the temporary folder.

  • Simple and Unique UI

The UI of Popcorn Time is simple and beautiful. On the initial screen of the program, you may quickly access any of the new releases that are available for download, and you can access the series selection or the search tool by pressing on the screen.

App info of Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time Apk icon

App NamePopcorn Time
File Size44.5 MB
File Type.apk
Requires Android4.2 and up
APK Version3.6.9
Operating systemAndroid
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
DeveloperPopcorn Time
Last UpdatedYesterday

How To Download And Install Popcorn Time APK For Android?

Popcorn Time is available for Android phones and Android TV. The latest version of this app is also available for the TV and any other Android-supported device. You will not find the app in Google Play Store or any other official App Store. You have to visit the third-party website to download the free version app for your device.

Step 1: Please visit this link to download the app: https://popcorn-time-apk.allnigerianewspaper.com/

After visiting the link you will enter a page that indicates a button, called “Popcorn Time APK”. Here, you can start the file downloading.

Popcorn time download from official website

Step 2: After starting the download, you will find a pop-up that will say about the harm of the APK. You need to press the ok button to get next page.

Popcorn time download processing

Step 3: You need to wait a while for ending the download properly. After that successful download, you can go to the next step for installation, and then you can enter the app home page.

Popcorn Time app home interface

Installation Notes:

  1. Above we gave the link where you will find the downloading file for Popcorn Time APK. And you will be glad to know that the version of the file is the very latest one. It is a free file to download. As we discuss that the app you cannot find in any official App store. That’s why you have to download the file from the third-party website that is given above.
  2. When you are going to download the app file your phone or device can make the obstacle to download the file for downloading from the unknown source. So, you have to go to the setting option on your device.
  3. In the setting option, you will find the “Security” section. In the “Security” section you will get the option for “Install Unkown Sources”. You need to enable the option to start downloading. Android enable Unknown Sources
  4. After enabling the “Install Unknown Sources” option, you will see the downloading will be started smoothly.

How To Use Popcorn Time?

How To Use Popcorn Time

Register With The Database & Sign Up

Before you enter the homepage, you need to register to connect with Popcorn Time’s database.

You have to sign up for the app with the eligible email address and the information that they want to know. With this information after successful signup, you can log in to the Popcorn Time app.

Home Page

After successful downloading the app you will open, Popcorn Time. Then you will appear in the home of the application. You will see all the movies and TV shows posters on the home page.

By clicking the poster you will be going to get options of downloading or watching. You can also choose the video quality of the shows. The download and watching video formats are top-notch.

Menu Options

On the homepage, you will find the menu at the top left corner. In this menu you will see the options of Index, genre, sort by, quality, favorites, notifications, downloads, settings, and VPN.all these options are very important to get 100% service from the Popcorn Time app.

About The Menu Options

Let’s discuss some options for the menu. In “Genre” you can get all genres of movies and TV shows. If you want to get a particular genre show you can select from this option.

“Sort by” and “Index” is the same type of options to handle the particular filtering shows. The “Quality” option is for maintain the video quality of the shows.

“Favourites” is for making a list of your favorite items. “Notifications” and

“Downloads” options are the get you notified and making a history of your downloading activities.

“Settings” is for the personalization of the interface and your demands. “VPN” s for safe streaming from your country.


Without a VPN, you should not watch or download the Popcorn Time app. It is risky for movie piracy. When you are browsing for the latest movie or show free you have to face some problems like using the “VPN”.

The VPN will protect your IP address, so using history will remain anonymous.

So, this is the easiest way to get the free latest movies and TV shows on your android devices. Though it is illegal you are safe from any problems to enjoy the good shows.

Popcorn Time will run on any device

Popcorn Time for Windows 10/8/7 PC (Version 6.2)

Popcorn Time for Mac (Version 6.1)

Popcorn Time for iOS

To install Popcorn Time on your iPhone you will need to download the iOS installer to your Mac or Windows PC, attach your iOS device to your PC with a USB cable and follow the instructions the iOS installer shows you.

Or add this repo to your Cydia sources:
And fetch some Popcorn Time for your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Popcorn Time for Linux (Version 3.2)

Popcorn Time Pros And Cons


  • No interruption in streaming.
  • User-friendly and smart.
  • Smooth and buffering-free.
  • No complex registration.
  • No need subscription.
  • Huge movie collection.
  • Getting shows of all genres.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Best for any device and operating system.


  • You have to download from third-party sites.
  • Not available in Google Play Store.

Popcorn-Time.tw Shuts Down

On January 5, 2022, a popular copy of Popcorn Time was shut down due to “a lack of use”.

To learn more read this article: https://torrentfreak.com/popcorn-time-shuts-down-due-to-a-lack-of-use-220105/


1. Is it illegal to use Popcorn Time?

Answer: The Popcorn time app is legal. But consuming from it is illegal for the anti-piracy law. When you are streaming from the US and UK, you should use the VPN(Virtual Private Network) for your IP address hiding.

2. Is Popcorn Time a virus?

Answer: No, if you are using a VPN(Virtual Private Network) then your IP address is protected.

3. Has anyone been caught using Popcorn Time?

Answer: Yes, people have faced problems streaming on the Popcorn Time app. For using and supporting the Popcorn Time app people have faced lawsuits and even been arrested.

4. Why is Popcorn Time so slow?

Answer: Go to the menu option and run the quick speed test. You will get the faster connection hopefully.

5. What does Popcorn Time do?

Answer: Multi-platform Popcorn Time is a free software to watch different TV shows, live TV shows, and movies by streaming. By integrating media players they bring this support and the client of BitTorrent.

Final Words

Finally, the Popcorn Time app is the best option to enjoy the latest shows in HD format for free. It would be the greatest chance for any movie-loving person. We have a deep research on the Popcorn Time.

And the research has shown that the popularity of the platform is too on the mark. So, why are you waiting for me? Just jump on the movie ride with the Popcorn Time. And enjoy every moment of it.

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